Expand Your Offerings By Embracing a Security Integration Partner

Expand Your Offerings By Embracing a Security Integration Partner

Advanced, reliable, and integrated security systems are essential across all industries. Commercial, industrial, healthcare, manufacturing, education, and government facilities all require numerous integrated systems; security, video surveillance, access control, wireless, fire alarms, and emergency response systems are just a few solutions an organization might require.  

As electrical contractors face a shortage of skilled electricians amid a growing need for solutions, many are partnering with low-voltage contractors for security and audio/video needs. Here are some of the top advantages.

Security Integrators Can Help Fill Critical Gaps in Labor

It is no secret that fewer and fewer people are entering skilled trades. To make matters worse, the recent pandemic accelerated retirements in the field. Without a stable crew of skilled professionals, electrical contractors are often forced to turn down work.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Security integrators can bridge the gap, ensuring your projects can proceed without delays. 

Security Integrators Provide a Wide Range of Services

Another advantage of working with security integrators is that they offer a wide range of services, such as data and communications cabling, hosted phone systems, audio/video systems, and access control. Because of this, electrical contractors can leverage their expertise to expand their capabilities.

Security Integrators are at the Forefront of Advances

With new capabilities comes new profitability. Security integrators can help electrical contractors overcome many challenges, such as ensuring connectivity where running wires is impossible or cost-prohibitive, such as in concrete structures or historical buildings. 

Partnerships Increase Profitability

Technology advances at astonishing rates, and security integrators are often the first to see and implement the changes. By partnering with security professionals, electrical contractors have the new capacity to meet customers’ growing and changing needs. 

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